Waxing FAQs For Guys

What are the advantages of waxing? Waxing pulls hair from the root allowing your hair to grow back more sparse and much softer. Waxing is considered a form of exfoliation and removes all the dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth. It also enhances the visibility of muscle definition.

How long should I wait between waxing appointments? You should come in about every four to five weeks or when the hair is about ¼” long.  If you stay on a regular schedule your hair will become sparse and less coarse over time.

Will I look feminine if I get my brows waxed? Of course not!! Sometimes the hedges just need to be neatly trimmed and shaped up a tad, so you have a more polished, clean look. The edges will be waxed just to remove the strays while taking into consideration the length, shape and arch of your brow. You can also choose to just get a unibrow wax combined with a trim if you are not quite sure about waxing the whole brow. Just remember, when it comes to eyebrows…there should be two!!

Does waxing hurt? The good news is the longer you wax the less it hurts. The first wax is always the most uncomfortable. The pain level depends on skin sensitivity and the thickness or coarseness of the hair. I am an experienced waxing technician that has been trained in proper waxing techniques allowing me to perform a less painful, smoother wax faster than you can say “Chewbacca!” Also, taking a couple of Advil prior to your wax may help a bit. I also carry a topical numbing cream you can purchase prior to your wax.

Doesn’t a nose wax hurt? Pulling the hairs out one by one with the tweezers can cause your eyes to well up with tears. But with waxing, all the hair comes out in one easy, quick pull.  This procedure is so painless my clients can’t believe it! The thickest hairs from around the edge of the nostril are removed, while the finer hairs that are deeper in the nostril are left in place to do their job of needed for filtering dust and bacteria. This is definitely a service you want to sniff out, making sure that your esthetician is experienced.

How long will I stay red after waxing? All redness should subside within a few hours up to 24 hours after you wax.

All waxing services include a consultation and I will answer all the questions
you have been afraid to ask!