Meet Kristen

Calling all MEN! Still sporting that 70s style fur coat? Time to transport you to the 21st century where bald is badass! To help you get there, let me introduce myself:

My name is Kristen, licensed esthetician. My credentials include five years of experience waxing everything from brows to Brazilians, and all those hairy nooks and crannies in between. While I love my ladies, I’ve definitely found my niche as a guys’ gal.

Still think Waxing is a girl thing? Think again. Waxing really is no longer gender specific with many modern men enjoying the benefits of longer lasting hair removal, especially below the boxers. So if the reflection in the mirror is more Chewbacca than smooth operator, consider any number of the services on our Guy’s Menu of Waxing Services including brows, backs, ears, noses and as I mentioned the ever-increasingly popular Guy’zilian (male Brazilian Wax).