Are you bright eyed, but too bushy browed? Eyebrows can be your best feature or your own arch rival. They are truly one of the most important features on your face even giving you a more youthful look when designed right. Maybe you got a little too tweezer happy, are a victim of a bad waxident or just plain forgot about your brows and now they look like two colliding caterpillars. Regardless, an eyebrow design by me: Rhonda at the Mirage Salon and Day Spa in Bakersfield, will help you leave those hairy days behind.

Note that the eye area is very sensitive and delicate so no matter who your waxologist is, it’s important to make sure strip-less wax is used. Other waxes can lead to stretching of the delicate skin around the eyelids.

Brow Design Basics

While designing your brows, I keep in mind your natural brow, bone structure and the shape of your face. Using a combination of strip-less wax that removes all the fuzz (but leaves your skin), tweezers to create the shape and scissors for trimming, you will have ‘Wow’ brows in no time. Here is my step-by-step approach to beautiful brows:

Observe – I’ll assess your face shape and bone structure for appropriate sculpting and to determine where your brow should start and end and the position of your arch.  Round faces need angles; square or oblong faces need soft arches.

Trim – Then, I’ll shorten long hairs, making sure not to trim the hairs that will be needed to comb over natural bald spots!

Wax – Next step is to clean up all that fine fuzz and give you the smoothest look possible.

Tweeze – Time to perfect the shape and arch of your brows.

Fill – And if necessary, I’ll use brow or eye shadow to fill in any thin, sparse areas and to define the overall shape of your eyebrows.

Have unruly eyebrow hairs growing downward or sticking out in a different direction than you would like? A simple solution is to  redirect them with brow gel. This will actually help hair grow and naturally stay in the direction you want.

Maintaining Brow Beauty

I suggest getting your eyebrows professionally tweezed or waxed every two to four weeks. A more budget-friendly option is to see a professional every four to eight weeks to create a ‘blueprint’ for you to follow to maintain your own brows between visits. To keep from being too bushy browed between waxing or tweezing appointments, use these simple at-home maintenance tips & tools:

Embrace your natural brow beauty. Work with the brow shape you were given and let it guide you. If you have a naturally rounded arch, don’t try to shape it into a pointed arch. For thin or sparse eyebrows you will need to build the shape of your brows with a pencil or a powder. I prefer powder because it is less intense and gives the brow a more natural look.


  • Tweezers – (I love Tweezerman’s with a slant tip.)
  • Eyebrow scissors
  • Eyebrow comb/brush
  • Magnifying mirror with a light

Know how much to pluck!

Start of brow – The beginning of your brow should start at the edge of your inner eye. Take a pencil and line it up with the side of your nose up to the inner corner of the eye. This is where your brow should start.

End of brow – Take a pencil and angle it from the base of your nose to the outer edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end.

Arch – Angle the pencil from the base of your nose to the outer colored edge of your iris – the colored part of your eye. This is where the arch, the highest point of your brow should be.