Brazilian Wax Virgins For Ladies

Still a waxing virgin and not quite sure about sacrificing the hair down there? Well, it isn’t as hairy-scary as it sounds. Let’s start off by clearing up all the confusion as to exactly what the Brazilian Wax is. Basically, it’s when the hair is removed from your nether region from front to back and everywhere inside and out – including your booty. A small amount of hair is left on the pubic area known as a “landing strip” or you can choose to leave whatever shape your heart desires. Literally, you can have a heart! Some choose to go all the way leaving off the strip and going completely bare…bald can be beautiful! Basically, We have seen and heard it all, so don’t be shy! This may be your first time, but it is not ours. So tell us exactly what you want because believe us you won’t be the first.

If you are a waxing virgin you might ask, “What is the bare-down-there waxing protocol?” First of all, We are very comfortable and confident with what we do which will make you feel more at ease! We will provide you with a towel and you will be asked to remove any clothing that’s below the belt, including your undies. The thought of this might make you uncomfortable, but in order to give you the cleanest wax possible, We’ll have to move your underwear around anyways. It might just be better to grin & bare it than risk getting any wax on those 20 dollar Hanky Pankies. Next, we’ll apply wax on the desired areas. Then it’s wax on, wax off! This procedure is continued until the desired shape is achieved or until your cha-cha is hairless. We will then apply an ointment to soothe the area.

In about 20 minutes or less your southern hemisphere will be transformed from the Bermuda triangle to a work of art we are sure you will Louvre!

May we have you’re “a-tension” please? We understand this is a very delicate and personal area and will always treat it as such. If you are still not sure about going bare down there, go for a basic bikini wax first and ease your way into the full monty!  So waxing virgins, don’t beat around the bush, go ahead get plucky – even if you don’t go all the way your first time.

Does it hurt? Well, it’s not exactly as soothing as a sticking a couple cool cucumbers on your eyes, but it really is not as bad as you have imagined it to be. We can’t count how many times we’ve heard “that didn’t even really hurt,” after a waxing session.

We like to compare it to pulling a band aid off, the faster you do it the better.  Smooth operators, such as us, will possess experience and quick hands – two qualities necessary to create a pleasant as possible process.

As experienced and highly trained waxologists, We have performed about a gazillion Brazilians so we have quite the bag of tricks for all you girls with low pain-thresholds. When you come in for your visit we will discuss which one will work best for you.

Especially for waxing virgins, we suggest not waxing three days prior to or three days after your period. It can still be done while wearing a fresh tampon, but know it will be slightly more uncomfortable during this time as the area is more sensitive. Some clients take Advil before their wax and say it helps to take the edge off.

The good news is, the more you wax the less it hurts. So, just relax and wax! But don’t say we  didn’t warn you, the results can be addictive!

Will I be uncomfortable after my first Brazilian? No worries, you won’t be waddling out the door like a penguin when you are done if you choose a good waxologist. You might be tender to the touch for a day or so after your first wax. This will depend on how coarse your hair is.

How do I find a good, experienced Brazilian waxer? The journey to finding a good waxer can be a real pain. Finding an experienced waxer is the best thing you can do before attempting a Brazilian for the first time.

We recommend that you stay away from the yellow pages when searching for a Brazilian Waxer. The best way to find an experienced waxer is by word of mouth, so ask people you know. When you call to make an appointment, ask questions about how experienced the technician is or ask if you can speak with the esthetician yourself. Tell them you are particular and if they are new or not experienced this should scare them off. To avoid getting a case of rough muff, ask the following questions:

  1. Are you a licensed Esthetician?
  2. How long have you been doing Brazilian Waxing?
  3. How often do you perform Brazilian Waxing?
  4. Do you double dip the spatula back into the wax after each application?

If you can hear the Jeopardy tune playing before they answer any of these questions….run!

Another possible sign of an inexperienced waxer is if they are running a really good special or are undercharging what others are charging in the area. Brazilian waxes can range anywhere from $40.00 to $75.00 – anything below that might be suspect. The Daily Obsession writes, “The cheapest places are usually inexpensive for a reason. For a delicate area that deserves the extra TLC, it is safer to go mid range to high range.” A higher priced wax usually means a more experienced waxer, and that’s a good thing. We have put my prices right in the middle of the average price range.

Signs of a Sure Bet

  1. The establishment looks and feels clean.
  2. The sheet or paper that is provided for you to lie on is fresh, clean and free of any traces of pubic hair from the last client.
  3. The waxing technician wears a fresh disposable pair of disposable gloves during the procedure. This is a major deal breaker!! If they are not wearing gloves turn and run the other way as fast as possible.
  4. The area and wax pot they are working from are clean.
  5. They get a new spatula or stick every time after dipping it into the wax pot. If not this is called double dipping – another deal breaker.
  6. The wax feels warm, but is not unbearably hot.

Okay Brazilian Waxing Virgins we want to warn you Brazilian waxing is very addictive.  Remember forewarned is fair-warned; Don’t blame us when you keep coming back for more! “Blame it on Rio!”

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