Body & Face FAQs

Can I wax my face or brows while on the birth control pill? Yes, you can wax while on the pill. Just make sure you wear sunscreen daily on any parts exposed to UV light, especially the face. Birth control pills make your skin extra sensitive to the sun and can cause hyperpigmentation. This is when patches of the skin become darker than the surrounding areas. I believe that sunscreen is a must do in anyone’s daily regimen whether they wax or not.

Why do I get white bumps all over my upper lip after waxing? The root of the hair is surrounded by an oily substance known as sebum. When you pull the hairs out of the root the sebum is brought to the surface of the skin causing those annoying little white bumps. With that said, make sure your lip is being waxed with a hard wax versus a strip wax. Hard wax shrink wraps the hair and does not attach to the skin ensuring a more gentle wax. Often times, my clients tell me they don’t break out with the hard wax versus the strip wax.

What’s a girl to do if she does have a breakout?  Keep a stiff upper lip and simply wash the area with a face wash containing salicylic acid combined with a gentle face scrub. Aloe or Tea Tree Oil both also help soothe and prevent the area from breaking out. Oh, and don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen!!

Doesn’t a nose wax hurt? Pulling the hairs out one by one with the tweezers can cause your eyes to well up with tears. But with waxing, all the hair comes out in one easy, quick pull. This procedure is so painless my clients can’t believe it! The thickest hairs from around the edge of the nostril are removed, while the finer hairs that are deeper in the nostril are left in place to do their job of needed for filtering dust and bacteria. This is definitely a service you want to sniff out, making sure that your esthetician is experienced.

Can I get my face waxed after a chemical peel? NO!! Exfoliation combined with waxing could cause the skin to become overly irritated or possibly even cause the skin to lift when waxing. You also have a higher risk of discoloration or hyperpigmentation up to three weeks after a strong chemical peel. It is best to wait at least two weeks after a chemical peel to get waxed. Did I mention the importance of using sunscreen regularly?