Before & After Wax For Guys

Before your wax:

  1. Don’t worry, be hairy! Before you come in don’t shave, trim or clip your hair. I promise you will NOT be the hairiest guy I have ever seen. If the hair is too long I will trim it for you. You will get better results with hair that is at least ¼” in length or with 7 to 10 days growth, especially if you have been shaving.
  2. Do become one with the loofah or hand mitts and gently exfoliate your skin the evening before your appointment. Male skin tends to be thicker than female skin so this is an especially important step. To exfoliate your back before waxing, buy a brush with a handle to reach the area. This will speed up the waxing process and help combat those dreaded ingrown hairs.
  3. Don’t apply any moisturizer or lotions to the area right before your waxing appointment.
  4. Do inform me if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Differin, Pro-Active or antibiotics. These all can increase the rate of exfoliation of your skin. If you wax while on one of these medications you could be chancing removing skin as well as hair. OUCH!
  5. Don’t get wax if the skin is sunburned.

What is the Brazilian post-waxing ritual?

Expect the skin to be a little sensitive and red after your first wax. Some experience no redness at all, while others are red for as little as thirty minutes or up to 24 hours post-wax if you have sensitive skin.

After your wax:

  1. Do stay out of the sun for at least 24 hours after your wax.
  2. Do stay out of the pool, Jacuzzi and sauna for at least 24 hours.
  3. Do skip the gym the evening of your wax as the perspiration tends to irritate the skin.
  4. Do avoid scrubs, exfoliants, lotions and creams for the first two days after your wax. You can start an exfoliation routine about three days after your wax. To learn more about the benefits of exfoliation, check out the ingrown hair section of this Web site.
  5. 5. Do avoid wearing tight clothing.
  6. Do take a cool shower after your wax, if possible. Avoid hot showers for the first 24 hours after your wax.