Meet Rhonda

My name is Rhonda Schnaidt and I am a licensed Esthetician specializing in head-to-toe waxing with an emphasis on Brazilian Bikini Waxing. With 10 years experience, my goal is always to wax you to the max in a squeaky clean environment while meticulously removing unwanted fuzz faster than you can say
“Kelly Clarkson!”

Friendliness, discretion and the highest of hygiene standards are just three reasons my clients return to me. After all, where or why you are having hair removed is none of anyone’s bees wax! Unless of course you want it to be – then think of my table as your own little red couch – close door policy applies!

When waxed by me, rest assured there will be zip, zero, zilch double dipping. This means the same spatula will never be re-dipped into the vat of wax, so your health and safety will always be protected. Using the highest quality European Blue hard wax ensures a low ouch factor with a better re-growth experience –  meaning you won’t be singing the itchy-gitchy ya ya da da’s. The final result: a smooth canvas as beautiful as a Monet landscape painting. Now that’s Art!